Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Our first ski lift!

before she got scared!

she was not happy on the ride up

at the top!

on our way down

sun coming thur the clouds

Big kids at Christmas shop and Train museum with Will

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tubing the Saco river

We had a great time tubing on the Saco River with Mike's friends from Duke.  Our first time started out rough with lots of rapids and rocks.  Kate feel out of her tube and luckily our friend Brian saved her!  It was Will's first time to tube and he cried when the rapids ended!

4 Duke grads!!

Echo Lake

Our house here is like 10 minutes from Echo Lake state park.  We took Katie and her family here to go swimming and I had been wanting to go back and walk the 1 mile trail around the lake.

the trail was covered in tree roots!!

kayaking and Kancamagus highway

We had Kate skip camp so her and I could go kayaking.  We went on a 3 mile kayak and had a blast in a 2 man kayak.

We stopped so Kate could swim

so beautiful
 We took a trip on the Kancamagus highway to see the Lower Falls and then the

Sabbaday Falls.  Both were so beautiful!!

lower falls.  We went back on Sunday and Mike and Kate jumped off the rock on the right side into the VERY COLD water!!!

walking to the Sabbaday falls

So pretty!!!