Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Turkey Day 2017

Matching cousins

Making Turkey Day cookies

silly cousins

decorating cookies

Turkey Trot with Heidi & Emily
 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Gram, PawPaw, PawPaw's brother Charles and wife Marilyn, Kristin, Blake, Beckham and Aberlee.  Then we spent the weekend putting up Christmas decorations.
Kate's Christmas tree

Alex's tree

Will's tree

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Trip to Alice, November 2017

Will had a great time with my parents dogs, Sally and Jake

the cows

the ducks

Alex fishing

feeding the ducks

the dogfood we feed the ducks, brought up the catfish!

Alex almost caught a catfish with his hands!!

poor chickens

My parents took us to a barnyard rescue place

look--that's Kate in there with all those goats!

the fishermen

smallest fish ever!

Kate's first choir concert, Broadway 2017

Will's Thanksgiving party at school 2017

I was subbing in his class this day, so I was already there for his party!

El Paso!

I took a trip to El Paso to visit my dear friend Lana.  So much fun!

While I was gone, Mike took Alex to a UT game