Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Alex is a green belt!!!

Kate's girl scout end of the year trip to the Texas State Aquarium

Kate's girl scout troop 578 had a slept over with the sharks at the Texas State Aquarium.  Heidi and I drove down on Friday together with our girls.  We enjoyed a tour of the Aquarium and got to see an driver in one of the tanks.  We had dinner and then we were up until about 10.  It was really amazing to get to sleep under sharks!!  So cool!  The next morning we had breakfast and then we got kicked out of the aquarium for an hour until they opened.  We had a great time seeing more of the aquarium, especially the dolphin show and then the girls played in the splash pad.  My Mom came up to spend the afternoon with us, so we meet her for lunch and then headed to our hotel.  The girls swam and Heidi got exposed to some Hispanic culture!  Poor Ireland, we wore her out and she passed out at 7!  We all weren't too far behind her, it had been 2 very long days!

troop 578--minus 3 girls

sea turtle!

watching the driver feed the fish

our troop!!

this was the tunnel we slept under!  so cool!!!

Kate brave and touching sharks!!

the next day

Kate and I love this group of girls and Mamas!!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Family photos 2017

Emily took our photos and WOW!!!!!