Saturday, September 2, 2017

Toga couples party!!!

Will's meet the teacher at HHP

Our baby is starting preschool this year.  He's excited to be at school with Beckham.

Beckham with his teacher

Will's teacher, Ms Kelly

they are so cute

First Day of school 2017

First day of 3rd grade for Kate and 1st grade for Alex.

Alex with his teacher, Mrs Brewer

Kate and her teacher

Alex and Aberlee are in the same class again

road trip home to Texas

We started our journey home on August 7.  First was to see 5 President Graves on our way to Philly to visit with Mike's friend, Ryan Smith and his family.

One last stop in NH

Now on to attempt to see a bunch of Presidents graves.

President Coolidge in Phymouth, VT

President Arthur in Albany, NY

President Van Buren in Stuyvesant Falls

FDR in Poughkeepsie

had a view of NYC and statue of liberty

Cleveland in Princeton, NJ

August 8

Drove to Philly to see Mike's BF from growing up Ryan Smith and his family.

August 9

Philly!  At the park with the Smiths

We had a great time with the Smith family!!  We left Philly after dinner and headed to Dougie's.

August 10

Another day in DC.  We went to the Air and Space Museum and Arlington Ceremony.

August 11

President Monroe and Tyler in Richmond.

Then we walked around Duke
by Mike's dorm room

Will feel asleep with his hand inside a raisin box
Stayed the night in Atlanta

August 12

Last day of travel!!!

Stopped in Springhill, LA to see my grandmother

And then finally HOME!!!

It was such an amazing trip!!