Monday, February 5, 2018

Daddy Daughter Dance 2018

sweet girls with their flowers from their Daddys

This was their 5th dance together!

after the dance with Daddy's jacket on!

January 2018

Mike and I started the new year with a party at his sister's.  Super fun and it SNOWED!

After Christmas the kids had like another week and 1/2 off school, so here we are at CEC

MeMe was in town to hang out!

hanging out with these 2 on a Saturday!

look at those eyes!

Watching Alex test for his purple belt!

HE did it!!

Kate at her Brownie lock in

all my babies!

Alex is playing basketball and Mike is coaching.   Go Blue Devils!

Kate and I watched the Greatest Showman and LOVED it!!

Alex had a club scout event

Alex lost his top front tooth!

Kate sold 51 cookie boxes!

Kate's art was chosen to be showcased at the Round Rock library!  

Kate's first cookie booth!

Will's first swimming lesson!

Grandparent day at preschool

haircut before

haircut after
Pinewood Derby!  Mike entered his 30 year old car and Mike and Alex worked really hard on Alex's car!  It came in 6th in the Boy Scout Pack and got 2nd in his den!  So exciting! 

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Boys with hair by Daddy

Santa PJs

the Night before Christmas

Santa came!

Christmas morning, Mike and I had to wake up Will and Alex

About to come down!

both kids got roller skates from Santa


beautiful Turkey plate!!!!  Thanks to Kristin for cooking turkey and Brian for carving it!!

Our family!  We had 11 adults and 5 kiddos

kids table

girls in matching dresses

Beckham got Pie Face for Christmas so we played it!

Layssard family